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About Our Squadron

Bridgewater State University (BSU) Composite Squadron


A Brief History

Chartered as a senior squadron in December 2012, the unit originated from an interest in tying together Civil Air Patrol’s three missions of Aerospace Education, Emergency Services and Cadet Programs with the university’s strengths in aviation science and education. Unit membership included university faculty, staff, students and community members who actively supported BSU, community and CAP efforts through participation in area events and training exercises.

In 2017 with the disestablishment of nearby Old Colony Squadron, BSU Senior Squadron became the Bridgewater State University Composite Squadron, from then up to the present day serving both senior and cadet members and updating its tasking to fulfill all three of CAP’s core mission areas of Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs and Emergency Services.

The University Connection

Bridgewater State University Composite Squadron is presently the only college-affiliated CAP squadron in the Northeast Region (NER). As both a namesake and guest of the university, BSU Composite Squadron is able to offer its members (and those of other CAP units) the benefits of the university connection through access to modern classrooms and classroom technology, athletic facilities, transportation, information technology and resources, and most importantly the support, experience and expertise of a network of university staff, faculty and colleagues on campus, in the state, region, and nation.
BSU Composite Squadron prides itself on seeking the best from and for its cadets and senior members. This approach applies as well to our sister squadrons, to Massachusetts Wing, Northeast Region, and NHQ. BSU Composite Squadron is pleased and proud to share its resources for everyone’s benefit. Come play in our yard, and let us know how we can assist you!   

Our Members: The Heart of the Squadron

BSU Composite is an active squadron. Senior members regularly support youth educational and leadership programs, teacher education through CAP’s Aerospace Education Member and Teacher Orientation Program (TOP Flight), and community service through continual emergency preparedness training. Whether in attached duty to support Wing, leadership in Cadet Programs activities (e.g. Encampment senior and cadet staffing, hosting NCSA/Encampment Boards, and more) and Aerospace Education (hosting James Webb Telescope Pre-Launch activities), leadership in ground and/or aircrew training and certification, or participation in Emergency Services training exercises, BSU Composite Squadron senior members are always in the mix and frequently leading the charge.

We are proud to be a composite squadron! The CAP Cadet Program focuses on developing character, leadership, fitness, and aerospace education for our young women and men. Whether working with a new Cadet Airman or a Cadet Colonel, the Commander, Deputy Commander for Cadets and each of our Cadet Program Officers has fun, loves what they do and takes seriously the responsibility for guiding each cadet through the program at her/his own pace.  

Is Civil Air Patrol A Good Fit For You?  

If you value Integrity, Excellence, Volunteer Service and Respect, 
Civil Air Patrol has a place for you. 

Whether as a prospective cadet or family member or prospective senior member, we invite you to visit us and learn more about CAP, one of America’s premiere youth development programs and community service organizations.


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